Bill Advances That Takes Learning Beyond Standardized Testing

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York Sen. Greg Adams wants schools judged on more than testing.

'I think we ought to have an accountability that also gives them credit for their growth, their improvement," Adams said.

But he believes that growth and improvement is overshadowed by the current standardized test.

If his bill becomes law - schools would be held accountable for graduation rates and student performance on state tests.

The proposal would make school reports more accessible to the public and teachers under probation would be required to get an evaluation every semester.

"We're going to recognize a school district's improvement, it's growth. If we set the high jump bar at 6 foot and we say to school's we want everybody to get there, though every school work's for 6 foot the reality is not everybody's going to get there, " Adams said during Tuesday's debate.

The proposal advanced to second round with a 36-0 vote.