Black Friday Sales Start Early, Local Businesses Gear Up

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Holiday shopping has begun for many people and retail stores.

This year a lot of people are starting early using holiday promotions to save cash, and local businesses say there's a key to competing with national retailers for your dollar.

At Closet Savvy Consignment Boutique they are ready for the holiday sales.

"We sell a ton of gift cards at the shop, they never expire," said Boutique Owner Debra Hand.

This time of year is really busy for the store but their goal is to be the stop for consumers before going to the bigger retail chains.

"Kids want to have the great name brands but there are parents on a budget that can't afford that," said Hand.

Offering high quality stuff and great prices ahead of Black Friday is one of the major ways hand says she'll compete with the big stores, and Edwards Audio and Video say the same.

"Remote starts are a big seller for us this time of year. With colder weather people are sick of being out there in the cold," said Brian Bohrer with Edward's Audio & Video.

Bohrer says they may not get as much foot traffic in the door as bigger stores, but they do remain competitive.

"We run specials you know up until Christmas or starting this time of year, to get more people in here," said Bohrer.

It's those deals and high quality merchandise the National Retail Federation says consumers are looking for this year.

As for the big retail stores many of them from Toys R Us to Wal-Mart are starting Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving night.

There are also some pretty competitive layaway plans underway right now as well.

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