Bond Revoked for Alleged Sex Offender in Crete

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It's a story 10/11 News has followed since the beginning, involving an alleged sex offender on school grounds in Crete.

Wednesday, that man had his day in court.

From a school bus to a court room, an accused sex offender gets locked up. It's all because he chaperoned a school field trip.

In this case, what's bad for the suspect is good for his accusers.

"The right decision was made, and I think he's right where he should be," a family friend of the alleged victim said.

A judge sent Chad Eggebraaten back to jail.

The reason: he chaperoned a Crete High School field trip while facing charges of sexually assaulting an underage girl.

The judge previously ordered the 52-year-old not to come in contact with children younger than fifteen.

A 14-year-old student said he spent time in her classroom the same day as the field trip.

Eggebraaten's attorney argued that it's not technically contact, but couldn't convince the judge who revoked his bond.

"The girl in this situation deserves to have a safe place. If it's not home than it should be school," the friend said.

Unwilling to go on camera, the Crete parent was willing to share her opinion.

"It bothers me a lot," she said. "I feel when we send our children to school, that should be a safe place for them, and they shouldn't be worried about anything other than their studies."

With court done for now, she said it's time to see more action from the school district.

"I think some of the kids in school get harsher punishment for doing minor things and I just think it should be looked at again," she said.

Eggebraaten's family and attorney would not speak with 10/11 News. The Saline County Attorney said Wednesday it was a matter of presenting the evidence and now they're moving forward with the case.