Brave Guide Rock Woman Vows To "Knock Out" Cancer

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For Cathy Shaw of Guide Rock, breast cancer is an unfortunate family trait.

"My mom and my sister, we all went through it at the same time," said Shaw.

After beating the disease once last year, her doctors initially thought the worst was over. Just a week later, Cathy received the devastating news that the cancer had returned.

That's when she told her husband, Jimmy, that she was going to tackle this diagnosis head-on...starting with the purchase of a pair of pink boxing gloves.

"I told him we needed to stop at a sporting goods store. It just came to me," she said.

Cathy rarely leaves home without her boxing gloves, and according to her husband, they are always a show-stopper.

"People are surprised. They've never seen anybody come up with an idea like that," said Jimmy.

And for Cathy, the gloves pack a big punch.

"It gives me extra courage, like, this time I'm really going to knock it out," she explained.

That courage has left friends and neighbors in the small town in awe and eager to lend a hand.

"She is so...'I'm going to beat this,'" said friend Anita Simpson.

"So we just want to do whatever we can to help."

This weekend the community held a soup feed, taking donations to help ease the burden of Cathy's medical bills.

It's an overwhelming show of support that, for Cathy, is something worth fighting for.

If you would like to to make a donation toward Cathy's medical expenses send a check to:

American Legion Auxiliary
c/o Arlene Anderson
P.O. Box 203
Guide Rock, NE 68942

or call: 402-257-2945