Update: LFR Crews Battle Unique Fire, Evacuate Apartments

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Some residents will need to be relocated after an apartment fire near Cotner and Vine.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue crews were called to the Chateau Apartments at 1025 N. 63rd. just after 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Assistant Fire Chief Pat Borer says when LFR crews arrived they could see smoke coming from the side of the building.

"We couldn't initially see the fire, and whenever it's in a void space it takes a little bit longer because you have to open up that void space and look in there and find out where it is so we opened up the side of the building," said Borer.

Borer says a construction crew for the apartment complex was remodeling the building and using a torch at the time the fire started.

He says heat from the construction moved inward into a nearby vent and caught the structure on fire between the two floors.

Borer also says that this fire was unique because they couldn't initially see the fire.

"We opened it up, took a little bit of work to open up the outside of the building and then we also opened up the ceiling of the first floor and what would be the floor of the second floor to get to that void space in between the two apartments. We found some fire there and we extinguished it and got it taken care of," said Borer.

LFR Crews used a thermal imaging camera to find the location of the fire.

"They're extremely valuable, it tells us where the heat is concentrated it can actually help guide us where we're working," said Borer.

One resident tells 10/11 News it was a frightening experience. She says she just saw the flashing lights and grabbed her dog and left her apartment.

"I was just sitting in my computer area that I have in the bedroom, when I had the blinds drawn, and I started hearing sirens and things so I looked out and saw firetrucks and I thought, ok time to go check this one out," said resident E.J. Dresen.

She says luckily her apartment is safe especially her 4-legged buddy.

"I was trying to think of what I should bring out of the apartment beside Sammy and in the end I thought, ok there's nothing more important than getting him out so that's all I brought out was Sammy," said Dresen.

The fire is still under investigation.