Plans to Bring in More Tourists to the Heartland

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Lincoln, NE-- According to the Nebraska Tourism Commission, tourism creates around 36,000 jobs in Nebraska, and it’s the third largest source of revenue. A new program is in the works from the Tourism Commission that hopes to bring even more people and money to the Heartland.

The Sand Hills, Haymarket, and College World Series are landmarks and events throughout the state that attract tourists to Nebraska.

According a study the Tourism Commission did in October of 2013, 13 percent more people are visiting the state than last year.

“The Goal is so we can create a message and that we can tell the world how great things are in Nebraska,” said, General Manager of Bailey Lauerman Advertising Agency.

Claussen is in charge of the state’s advertising and said he is working to create a unique visitor experience, from the Carhenge in Alliance, to the Haymarket in Lincoln.

Claussen said as a state, Nebraska offers a variety of interest that caters to every one.

The Tourism Commission said they hope to implement a plan that will show Nebraska’s strengths and get more people to spend more time and money. The plan will be unveiled in the spring.