EXCLUSIVE: Sister Speaks After Brother Arrested for Hate Crime

Ahmed Tuma, Nathan Marks
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Lincoln, NE-- Two men are arrested after a terrifying night for a Lincoln woman. Polices say her brother attacked her with a crowbar and tried to run her car into traffic.

Lincoln police say 20 year old Ahmed Tuma was upset with his sister because of her relationship with another woman. Officer Katie Flood said Tuma and his friend 20 year old Nathan Marks went to the woman's home and Tuma tried to hit his sister with a crowbar.
She and her friend got into her car and police say Tuma hit the windshield trying to break the glass.

The women drove off but Marks and Tuma followed and tried to ram their car into oncoming traffic.
That's when she was able to get a hold of police. The men took off but were arrested early Friday morning.

Tuma was arrested for assault and other charges... Police have designated this a hate crime which will make the possible penalties more severe.
Marks was arrested for aiding and abetting.