Bruning Enters Nebraska Governor Race

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Following months of speculation on whether he'd enter the race, it's finally official. Jon Bruning will be running for Governor of the State of Nebraska.

Bruning made the announcement over twitter, saying he felt he had the experience necessary to lead Nebraskans after watching Mike Johanns and Dave Heineman lead the Cornhusker State over the past 15 years.

Sunday he released a promotional video, which included his priorities and number one rule.

"One of the great things about Nebraska is that we've always had a balanced budget. It's just in our DNA here, we don't spend money that we don't have," said Bruning.

With just over three months until the May 13, Primary Election, Bruning joins Pete Ricketts, Mike Foley, Bryan Sloan, Tom Carlson, Beau McCoy and Chuck Hassebrook.