Budget Passes, Bond Delayed | Cable is a Go

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- After nearly five hours of reading, testifying, and mostly debating, Lincoln City Council members voted on three major agenda items Monday.

By a vote of 4-2, council members passed the 2014-2016 $339 million biennial budget.

The vote comes after two months of public hearings, community meetings, and revisions. One council member said he was happy to approve it because it adds two more police officers.

Speaking of public safety, the night didn't go the way Public Safety Director, Tom Casady, would have hoped.

"Ten days ago I was expecting a 7-0 vote," said Casady.

Instead, the proposed $34 million Public Safety bond was delayed. On the bright sight for Casady, all six council members present said they supported the bond, but wanted more time to look it over before it appears on an election ballot which will now be in April at the earliest.

City Council did approve the amended version of the bond, which is an additional $5 million.

The bond would replace the city's entire radio communications system and relocate four Lincoln fire stations resulting in better response times.

The proposed bond will appear on the agenda for a Sept. 29 public hearing.

Council members also voted to keep a contract with Comcast Cable is the FCC approves its purchase of Time Warner Cable.

The change would not initially affect rates for cable, internet, or phone service; However, that does not mean rates couldn't increase in the future.