Buffalo County Raising Funds to Move to 2020

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KEARNEY, Neb. -- The Buffalo County Community Partners is a group working to promote the county 2020 vision, which is healthier lives and minds and sustainable communities.

Sunday they hosted a community block party which worked toward that vision.

Dozens of families filled Harmon Park in Kearney supporting the Community Partners in their plans for the future of Buffalo County.

"Reducing binge drinking, teen tobacco use, helping people become more active and find safe routes to school, just a variety of different things within our community," said Denise Zwiener, the Executive Director of the Buffalo County Community Partners.

Several local organizations were hosting booths doing their part to promote healthy lives and communities.

"We are just out here helping to support and encourage people to be stepping out into their communities, have an opportunity to meet their neighbors and building relationships with the people that are living close to them," said Dustin Lappe, the Associate Pastor at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

Kyle O'Brien, the Manager at Crossfit Archway added, "We basically talk all the time about how our youth is the future of who we are, so if we don't have kids working out now it becomes habits through adulthood. So we want them to practice now, work out right, effectively, efficiently."

Families were playing games, meeting each other, learning activities that would be great for the 4th of July, and even doing some exercise.

The party also recognized that the Community Partners reached the half way point of their annual fund campaign goal of $125,000.

Zwiener said, "That money will go to help empower youth to become leaders within their community or to help individuals find ways to make safe routes to school or help neighborhoods build whatever health issues or topics that are of concern within their neighborhoods."

The money all comes from individuals in the community donating to the campaign. And there is a grant that matches every dollar raised with 6 more.

"I'm just amazed at how many people are able to come together and really to make a positive difference," said Lappe.

For more information on the Community Partners or if you would like to help build a healthier Buffalo County, click the link to the Community Partners website.