Buffalo County Approves Wind Turbine Construction

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One central Nebraska county is taking a step forward in promoting renewable energy.

It's something Denny Jorgensen has been wanting to take advantage of for several years.

"I've always believed in using wind energy," Jorgensen says.

Until this week, he hadn't been able to pursue it. But Tuesday, the Buffalo County Board of Supervisors approved an amendment allowing the construction of wind turbines in industrial zones.

Wind will soon be generating all the power for Jorgensen's Select Sprayers and Equipment company.

"It'll provide enough electricity to run our business on and then some," Jorgensen says.

Buffalo County officials say it's a step forward for the county.

"This would be probably a good thing for Buffalo County and hopefully it's a good thing for the applicant," Supervisor Hoss Dannehl says.

Officials say the approval for Jorgensen's company opens a wide range of wind development opportunities for others in Buffalo County and across the state.

USDA Rural Development officials say wind is a resource that hasn't yet been fully taken advantage of in Nebraska, and they're hopeful this will encourage other counties and companies to follow suit.

Jorgensen says he plans to have his wind turbine up and running by the end of the year.