Bullet Pierces Seward School Bus, No Children On Board

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It could have been tragic for the town of Seward. Instead it serves as a safety reminder for all hunters.

Monday afternoon, Seward parents got a message. A bullet had flown through a school bus that had just finished its morning drop off.

"The driver dropped off the kids and was heading down the highway, heard a noise, a suspicious noise," said Greg Barnes, Seward Superintendent.

Seward Police say that suspicious noise was a bullet entering the bus right above one of the windows. It's believed to be from a nearby hunter.

"The driver dismissed it as nothing and headed home. She came by the bus garage and talked to the bus supervisor who noticed the bullet hole," Barnes said.

Parents who live in the area where the bus was hit say it's a hot spot for deer.

"On a daily basis, we see hunters driving up and down the road, looking for places. We have a stream near our place so deer are constantly walking through our property," said one Seward parent.

Parents also say they appreciate the school relaying the message as soon as possible.

"I was extremely pleased the school system notified the parents with as much information as possible in a very rapid manner," the parent said.

"You can anticipate that word is going to get out. Whenever guns or bullet holes are involved with school then you better communicate with parents," Barnes said.

Even though it may be hard to prevent incidents like this from happening again, parents and staff want hunters to always put safety first.

"I just ask that you please be careful of your surroundings. Once you pull the trigger you need to know where it's headed and make sure it doesn't go into unknown areas," the parent said.

"Know what you're shooting at, what's behind it, don't risk it," Barnes said.

The Seward County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the case and they ask anyone with information to please call 402-643-2359 immediately.