Burglars Enter Home While Homeowners are Inside

Burglars broke into a home Saturday night, taking everything from beer to guns to TVs.

The homeowners were inside when it happened.

It happened between 12:30p.m. and 5:30 a.m. in Northwest Lincoln.

Police say the thieves took several items including five guns, electronics and frozen food.

This comes less than a week after nineteen car break-ins overnight in a nearby neighborhood.

Police say the two incidences could be connected.

Neighbors say they're surprised this happened in what they call a close-knit area.

"Most of our neighbors around here know each other pretty well and look out for each other," said Randy Wilson. "If we would have saw something, we definitely would have called it in."

Police say the homeowners woke up, saw things missing and called the police.

Police are still investigating.

The homeowners did not return calls for comment.