Burglary Victim Reacts to Arrests

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After being burglarized last week, Josh Kadavy says his family has been on edge ever since.

"Not only is it dealing with picking up the pieces to these burglaries, it's dealing with the aftermath," said Kadavy. "Yes, those things can be replaced but we have to live with the fact that we a five-year-old son that's concerned about his safety."

Kadavy says while arrests bring some peace of mind, the relief doesn't take away the fear of thinking it could happen to someone else.

"We have that sense of insecurity, but this helps us become more aware about getting a security system, being more aware of our neighbors, and looking out for these unusual things," Kadavy said.

Kadavy says with at least 18,000 worth of property taken, and at least 43,000 dollars in damages, the amount stolen from his home was just a drop in the bucket during the investigation.

"Some of these burglaries were in the tens of thousands of dollars so I would imagine that we're going to be approaching 100 thousand dollars of loses," said Lancaster County Sheriff, Terry Wagner.

While the men suspected of hitting his home have been arrested, Kadavy says you can't put a price on safety.

"When you're out in the country you have less traffic flow, you don't have as many eyes on you, you can tend to be more hidden," he said. "Make sure that you do have some sort of security system, make sure that you have a deadbolt on your door, make sure all your door locks are locked."

Kadavy has since secured his home and plans to more in the future.