Burwell Community In Mourning Following Murder/Suicide

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Burwell, Neb.-- Just days after word spread of the deaths of 31-year-old Burwell resident Christopher Melling and his young daughter Aimee after their bodies were found inside their home at 624 E Street, members of the quiet town are trying to make sense of what seemed like such a senseless act.

Burwell resident Taylor Gumb said like many in the small town, she knew the victim's by name.

"I'm just sad for the family. I know a couple of the kids and I just felt really bad and I wished I could help them in some way," she said.

It's still not known what brought Melling to take his daughter's life and then his own. But the people of Burwell say they hope events leading up to the tragedy will shed some light on what took place in the home.

For now, the normally quiet town is even more silent than usual.

"The community is still in shock and it's been very quiet around town," said Lindsy Gumb.

"It's just been crazy how it's shocked our community, and the members that have left the community, and are still shocked. It's been a huge tragedy for Burwell."