Burwell Students Return to School With Added Security Measures

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Burwell, Neb.-- Students at Burwell Junior and Senior High returned to school after a so-called "hit list" targeting over a dozen students and teachers caused school officials to close their doors.

It was hardly business as usual as a number of new security measures were put into place.

Principal David Owen met with his students in the morning to brief them on the list of new safety precautions.

The school is now a closed campus and students are not allowed to leave during their lunch break. Students also need to have their bags checked before entering the building and their parking has been restricted to a certain lot.

Parent Felicia Patrick told 10/11 that while she thinks the school system has the kids' best interest at heart, there are some changes she'd like to see.

"I just wish they would've been a little more straight up and in-depth about it. I wish they would've told the kids what's going on and why they're making the changes," she said.

Principal Owen wouldn't speak on camera, but told his students that he is trying to provide them with a safe learning environment.

The Nebraska State Patrol said the investigation into who wrote the list is ongoing.