Busiest Day of the Year for Post Office Counters

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It's the busiest counter day of the year. Before the day ends the post office will handle 658 million packages today alone nation wide.

"We are flying mail, we are trucking mail," said Kerry Kowalski, Lincoln, Nebraska Post Master.

Package after package after package are carried to the counter.

It's all part of the busiest day of the year for counters across the country. It marks a record holiday season for the Post Office.

"Absolutely. We will have record volumes this year as far as parcels. We have a 20 percent increase over last year which is more than we've seen in terms of packages.," said Kowalski.

Long lines like this marked the occasion.

Robin Edwards waited her turn. "Where are these going? Fort Sill Oklahoma. I have a nephew in the army," said Edwards.

Shania Barros used the convenient self service center. "This is more convenient. A lot more convenient than waiting in line."

Expect the business to continue, the next milestone is for the mail carriers.

"Wednesday will be the largest delivery day for cards. This is a big weekend for people to get their Christmas cards done," said Kowalski.

Friday is the last day for a Priority Mail guarantee for Christmas delivery. Saturday is the last day for an Express Mail guarantee.

When December 24th gets here, the Post Office will have delivered 18 Billion packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas.