Busiest Fire Station in Grand Island Gets New Engine

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The Grand Island Fire Department has something new to show off. After waiting for eight months, Engine 2 is finally here.

More space in the cab, increased safety for firefighters and remote-controlled doors are some of the new features Engine 2 sports. With older trucks from years 2000 and 1996, getting Engine 2 was a necessity for Station #2.

"We determined we needed some newer vehicles probably two or three years ago. We've slowly been working toward that goal. That goal was really based on increased maintenance costs, safety features that our current trucks didn't have and technology changes," said Cory Schmidt, the Fire Chief.

Once the fire department got the go ahead from city council, they ordered Engine 2. It came with a hefty price tag of $478,000, but the fire department says it's worth the investment.

"That's a huge investment. There are cheaper units out there, but as we have seen, those units last 15 years, if we can get another 10 years out of this truck, it will more than make up for it," said Tim Hiemer, the Division Chief.

Station #2 gets 41 percent of the calls the Grand island Fire Department responds to. The fire chief says Grand Island will notice better service stemmed from the new truck.

"Each one of these vehicles is custom built to our standards. It's not something you can just pull up to the car lot and and pick out. They actually have to make these for us. It's a long process, well worth the wait. I think the improved service will be seen by the community with this new truck," said Schmidt.

Firefighters say this new truck will make their jobs safer and easier. There will be an event Saturday to celebrate the arrival of Engine 2. It will take place at Station #1 from 1 to 4 pm.