Business Roundtable Discusses Problems, Solutions in Grand Island

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The future of business in Grand Island brought some of the city's business leaders out Monday. It also brought Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning to town.

"It's a high class problem to have, but it's a problem too," Bruning said.

That was the topic of discussion today, problems and solutions for business.

It was all part of roundtable discussion, bringing several Grand Island business leaders to pull up a chair and chat.

"Grand Island is an extremely important community in Nebraska," Bruning said.

It's one that he said can continue to grow businesses and create jobs. But, jobs are a problem in Grand Island.

"Anybody that wants a job has got a job," one business leader said.

This is not the typical unemployment issue. Instead, the problem is not being able to fill open positions because of things like overqualified workers.

The fear is that it will lead to larger scale problems, like damaging big business for the city.

The solution, business leaders said, is a class for high school students leading them towards careers like those open in Grand Island.

"We're blessed with a strong agriculture economy and you can see that in manufacturing expense, animal processing, combines," Grand Island Mayor Jay Vavricek said.

He also said business is looking up.

"Our retail sales are showing strong strength in comparison to a year ago," Vavricek said. "Costs are part of the mix, but nonetheless, Grand Island is strong and optimistic that we'll be able to take on the future with pride.