Businesses Hit by Counterfeit Cash

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How closely do you look at your money?

For some Lincoln businesses, it wasn't close enough.

Four places were hit across the city: Toppers at 12th and P, UStop on 84th and Cornhusker and Bed Bath and Beyond and Famous Footwear both on North 27th Street.

It's hard to tell the difference of real or fake in daylight. Tuesday, Toppers knows that all too well.

They're just one of the businesses to get hit by counterfeit cash this week.

Toppers Pizza has 100 reasons not to trust any Benjamin Franklin's that cross their counter this week.

"It feels bad to get burned like that," General Manager Jon Crow said.

Even with cash in hand, a routine delivery actually ends up costing money.

"It was dark out. He wasn't able to take a look at the security on the $100 bill and didn't have a pen on him. So, we got burned," Crow said.

He won't let it happen again.

"We've never had this happen before," he said. "We've had pretty good luck with people, but I think we might tighten up our security procedures now."

Other businesses across town might be doing the same.

Lincoln Police said someone used three fake $100 bills at Famous Footwear, another at Bed, Bath and Beyond and one at a UStop.

That's all they can tell 10/11 News.

But for Toppers, it's a low blow.

"It's tough because the city of Lincoln has been so good to us and we've had such a great response," Crow said. "Trustworthy people here in town, but when something like this happens it's a shame that its going to have to affect everybody."

It seems like an open and shut case: just trace the address the pizza delivery went to. But, it's not in fact that easy.

Crow said their driver met the caller in an apartment parking lot.

The apartment number the person originally gave doesn't exist.