Canadian Firm Proposes New Nebraska Oil Pipeline Route

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There's a new development in the controversy over the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline.

TransCanada, which wants to build the pipeline, said Wednesday that the new Keystone XL route minimizes the potential impact on the Sandhills region and avoids two small city well fields.

This is TransCanada's second proposed new route through Nebraska going back to April. State regulators said the last proposal, submitted still ran too close to sensitive areas.

Jane Kleeb, the executive director of the pipeline opposition group Bold Nebraska, says state and federal officials should reject the proposed route if it would still cross the Sandhills and the Ogallala aquifer.

1011 spoke with Ken Winston of the Nebraska Sierra Club, which also opposes the pipeline.

Winston isn't convinced the new route is any better than the former proposal, calling it "cosmetic."

He also said the current drought has really made him consider and appreciate Nebraska's precious resources.

"It reminds you how valuable water is," said Winston.