Candlelight Vigil Held for Murdered Bettina Burklund

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Lincoln, NE-- A sad and heartfelt candlelight vigil was held at Lincoln High School Friday night to remember and celebrate the life of Bettina Burklund, who was murdered at her home.

"Any part of me that's positive and encouraging is attributed to Bettina," said former High School classmate, Terra Westerholt. "That's the type of person she was and the type of person I'd like to be."

Holding candles and wearing burgundy ribbons, people who knew Bettina shared stories about her life.

Friends say Bettina loved to play soccer with her twin sister in high school and in college.

She worked for the University of Nebraska Foundation for a number of years.

Her favorite holiday was Christmas.

Friends describe her as a joy, a sparkle, and never an acquaintance, but always a friend.

"And we will miss her every every every day," said former coworker at the University of Nebraska Foundation, Kristen Rock. "And we won't ever forget her spirit and her spirit lives on in all of us, I hope she knows that and I hope her family knows that."

Bettina's funeral will be at Heritage Presbyterian Church in Lincoln on Saturday at 10 a.m.