Nebraskans Gather at Governor's Residence to Oppose Pipeline

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Some Nebraskans believe President Obama is running out of reasons to deny the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline, especially after the State Department's report raised no major environmental concerns.

Others feel this is not the case.

Monday evening a crowd of nearly 100 people gathered outside of the Governor's Mansion in Lincoln for the Candlelight Vigil urging President Obama to reject the pipeline.

Supporters at Monday's vigil say the pipeline through Nebraska could harm some of our state's resources.

"It's our water and it's our farms and for all the people along the route, this is extremely risky business," said Lincoln Resident Donna Roller.

Roller says she's been fighting against the pipeline for the past two years and worries greatly about contamination in our state's water.

Secretary of State John Kerry is now considering the report along with other agencies.