Capitol Welcomes First Falcon Egg of the Year

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The first of what could be a handful of falcon eggs was laid Monday morning, right in the middle of downtown Lincoln.

Joel Jorgensen, the non-game bird manager of Nebraska Game & Parks, says it's been going on for just over a decade.

"In the early 90s a nest box was placed on the eighteenth floor of the Capitol. And it took until 2003 for a pair to actually become serious about nesting there."

It's an exciting time for Jorgensen, who watches the birds every year as part of his job. But he's not the only one. Employees at the Capitol love them. Susan was one of four in the span of five minutes to walk by the falcon display this afternoon in the Capitol to see the status of the falcons.

"I like to see how many babies they have," says Susan, "How many eggs. And watch them take care of them."

A new egg will be laid every two or three days until Mama bird is down and about a month later, Jorgensen explains, life will really kick into gear.

"I think it's exciting, first off when the chicks hatch and they're little helpless fluffballs. And the speed that they grow, and in just a few weeks they look like Mama and Papa."

The falcons, known for being the fastest members of the animal kingdom, are truly on their own on the building. The only interaction with humans will be for Game & Parks to tag the little ones.

"This is real world survival," says Jorgensen, "we watch them on the internet and it's nice and interesting, but to these birds they are struggling to survive. But I think when you understand that, it makes you appreciate what they're doing, what they're all about."