Car Crashes Through Lincoln Shoe Store

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Police say a car crashed through the front door of a Payless Shoe Source at 62nd and O Street in Lincoln.

In 14 years as a police officer, Sgt. Brian Agnew says he has never seen anything like it before. He said it was all caused by one simple mistake.

"A customer was pulling into the parking lot here, when apparently she mistook the accelerator for the brake and ended up crashing into the front of the store," said Sgt. Agnew.

Police said the car pinned an employee behind the register. Police said she suffered minor injuries and was the only one hurt inside in the store.

Police said it doesn't take much to cause an accident like this.

"I don't know that speeds were really high, but you've got a vehicle that weighs a significant amount and any force behind that is going to move glass or aluminum," said Sgt. Agnew.

Sgt. Agnew said he is thankful the accident was not worse.

"If someone was directly in front of that car simply exiting the doors when it happened, they could have gotten run over," said Sgt. Agnew.