Cars Ditched by the Dozens after Winter Storm

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He doesn't know how to get his family home for Christmas.

"We were going to go out of town, but obviously we just have to deal with it," said one man. "It's one of those things. Things happen."

This man's wife was involved in an crash during Wednesday's winter storm.

He waited two days to call a tow. The accident left him without a car big enough for his family.

"We're still going to go, but I don't think we're going to drive."

This man is only one of the many who are in this situation. Dozens of cars are still stranded on the side of the roads.

Reports say more than twenty were spotted on I-80 west to Grand Island. It's not because towing companies are too busy.

"It has slowed down," said Jeremy White, a tow truck driver for Wiestar Towing. "The ice is starting to melt. Basically during the day, it's water."

He says, the cars are there because people are neglecting to call.

"It could be that they're just not calling yet, or they don't know who to call in order to get it taken care of. After they sit there for a long enough time, the law enforcement officials will call a towing company."

When law enforcement takes it into their own hands, it can get costly.

"We have set rates for state patrol, and how much time it takes for winching and impound fees," said White.

This means, it could actually cost more if you wait.

However, some of the stranded cars are there because police say it's a hazard to move them.

"A lot of times, law enforcement doesn't allow us to to remove because it is a hazard."