Staying Safe When Cars and Farm Equipment Share Roads

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Planting season is right around the corner, and you may start to see more and more farm equipment hitting the road. But, these over-sized loads pose a danger to drivers and cause accidents every year.

"This tractor has front and rear duals so it is pretty large and pretty wide," said Kevin Luzum of Plain Equipment Group.

They have a motor and wheels and they're on the road. Not cars, but tractors, planters and other farm equipment. The difference? That equipment can take up more than its share of the road.

And because of that, The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety said there's a five year average of 74 accidents related to farm equipment - 29 of which result in injuries or death.

"They have a lot of weight in tractors and planters. A lot of moving inertia there. That doesn't give them quite the advantages a motor vehicle would have to slow down," said Marvin Siefert of Plains Equipment Group.

So paying close attention to the equipment's signals is extra important.

"Beacon lights, flashers, all those things are giving a warning to the approaching or person behind so they know that ahead of time," he said.

At the end of the day, everybody just wants to make it home - so Siefert recommends slowing down if you see a piece of farm equipment.

"You don't realize what the guy in the tractor has to deal with. He's got a lot of length and width to deal with," said Luzum.

Siefert said companies are starting to put rear cameras onto large equipment and most should have lights and signals now. But, older machines won't. So, they recommend taking it slow and pulling over if you think you need to.