Celebrating Christmas With An Annual Holiday Dinner

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Folks in Grand Island enjoyed family and friends during an annual holiday dinner!

Nearly 1,000 people ate turkey and ham with all the fixings at St. Pauls Lutheran Church.

Organizers say the dinner has grown every year, and people really come to enjoy themselves.

They say it's nice to get together and enjoy each other for Christmas.

"You know when it's so cold and people come from out of town. We get old and we don't want to cook any more. It's fun everyone pitches in and it's just a good time," said Volunteer Marcie Kelly.

"We usually have around 270 volunteers. They decorate, bake the turkeys pies and desserts," said Co-Organizer Ina Haney.

The meal was free to everyone.
The dinner was served from noon until two.
Even pumpkin pie was on the menu.