Celebrating Easter on the Golf Course

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Easter marks a time for religious celebrations and spending time together as a family. And for some there is no better way to spend that time than heading out to tee off on the golf course.

According to the website Topendsports.com, the popularity of golf ranks 4th in the U.S. out of every country in the world.

"Golfing's just a nice time to get out and relax and is kind of just my stress reliever. Just away for me to get away from work and the surrounding world," said Grand Island resident Max Luber.

And on Easter even more people get out to the green, whether as a just a happy coincidence or a regular part of an annual celebration.

Justin Davenport, also of Grand Island, said, "Easter has turned into a ritual for us as a family, come out and get a few holes in if the weather's good. A lot of our family members are involved in golf. It's just something that we enjoy to do competitively."

Luber added, "It's just kind of a unique situation, went to church this morning, and it was nice this afternoon, I thought I'd come out and hit some golf balls and grabbed one of my neighbors to come out and here we are now."

Max Luber also works at Indianhead Golf Course in Grand Island and said Easter is one of the top 4 holiday times for business.

He said, "Easter weekend, Memorial weekend's pretty busy out here and obviously Fourth of July and Labor Day gets some nice weekend traffic out here."

However another employee said this Easter was not as busy as previous ones due to poor weather. But they were expecting a bump in business later in the day, which would be typical according to regular Easter players.

"For the most part, in the afternoons, after everyone gets done with church and supper, you'll see a little more traffic in the afternoons and evenings," said Davenport.