Celebration of Mustaches Wraps up MAWvember

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It looked like a facial hair convention, but really it was the Must-Dash-Bash.

The Grand Island Chamber's Young Professionals group celebrated the end of their mustache-growing fundraiser Thursday night.

The group decided to cash in on the popularity of "No Shave November" and raise funds while doing it for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

"Eight local Grand Island children are on the waiting list for their wishes to be granted," says Young Professionals Director Mary Berlie. "It really tugged at a lot of heartstrings that these are local kids."

Eighteen men signed up for the challenge with a goal of raising $7,500 and some awesome 'staches.

Both mustaches and donors rose to the occasion, and MAWvember brought in over $12,000.

"It's worth looking outside of our own comfort zone, if I could say that, for thirty days at a time to help that family out," says first-time mustache grower Dr. Brian Dunagan.

While the donation was the goal, YP members say the growing process was the best part.

"The last couple of weeks it's really come in," says Wade Jarvi, another facial hair novice. "It's a little reddish, so it's not very dark and visible, but I think it's a pretty solid mustache."

"I have gotten every comment under the sun," says Dunagan. "It's been a trying process, but it's been a fun process as well."

And they say their new whiskers have changed a few aspects of their lives this month.

"You know I'm getting a few weird looks, and I'm also getting a few compliments as well," Jarvi says.

"I've been called 'sir' a few times which I've been really surprised at, but other than that everything's been pretty much the same," says Dunagan.

With fundraising ending Friday, the growers will have the option to shave off the fruits of their labor.

"I hope some of them keep it, some of them look really great with a mustache," says Berlie.

"If I do say so myself, it's pretty rad," says Jarvi.

"It will probably come off tonight," says Dunagan.