Central Nebraska Service Dog Helps Victims of Tragic Shooting

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A service dog from Central Nebraska is helping victims of a tragic shooting in a big way.

His name is Moses, and his job is to help bring comfort to people affected by the school shooting in Newtown.

The one year old Golden Retriever is a K-9 Parish comfort dog at Christ Lutheran Church in Cairo.

His handlers say Moses has a way with people.
Students in Newtown were able to talk to Moses and pet him to ease their fears and anxiety during their first day back to school.

"There was a lot of anxiety especially in the parents and the teachers in the elementary school," said Handler Jaci Knuth.

"You could tell it helped those kids relax in a new building and new environment," said Handler Nathan Knuth.

Moses and his handlers spent a week on their trip to Newtown.
Moses also brings comfort to the community of Cairo as well!

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