Central City's Stone Creek Homes Plant Closed

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At the Central City manufacturing plant of Stone Creek Homes, the building is silent.

Central City's City Administrator Chris Anderson: "We started to hear reports from people that they'd been told that they had to leave the job. It's not something that we saw coming, so we were a little surprised to hear it, and disappointed as well."

The company's door reads "building communities, changing lives," but this Memorial Day weekend, the change wasn't for the better.

That's because Stone Creek Homes abruptly informed employees of its Central City plant closure on Thursday morning. One Central City official said plant employees were stopped right in their tracks. On Saturday afternoon, a UPS attempted-delivery notice from Thursday was still stuck to the door, uncollected.

Company officials did not answer phone calls for comment, but the former plant quality control manager has stated that about forty plant employees are now left without jobs, jobs of a type uncommon for the area, jobs that may not be coming back soon.

Chris Anderson: "They've been building some small, modular units. There aren't a whole lot of companies in that part of the economy, and so it's not easy to replace a company like that."

Still, Mr. Anderson says that just as other companies have occupied the Stone Creek Homes facility before, they will, perhaps, again.

Chris Anderson: "We're hopeful that as the housing industry rebounds that maybe we'll see them or somebody else who really needs that building."