Charlie Rogers Tells Her Story in YouTube Video

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Tuesday night Charlie Rogers, the alleged hate crime victim, released a YouTube video telling her side of the story.

Under the 15:09 long video it says, "My side. Please listen. Then take action to make the world better."

In the video she tells her side of what happened to her in the early morning of July 22nd. She said, "That night three men broke into my house, they bound me and lit my house on fire."

She also called out Lincoln Police Chief James Peschong in the video. She said that he has set her up for an unfair trial.

"Our police chief in Lincoln held a press conference and released all the details of my case to the media, took away any chance I had to an impartial jury," said Rogers.

Chief Peschong said that he would not argue with her and that everything will be decided in court.

"The Lincoln Police Department has no further comment on that particular investigation. We've given our comments at the time that there was an arrest made and at this time we view that matter as being handed over to the judicial system and the courts will ultimately decide whether or not charlie is guilty of any crime or not," said Chief Peschong.

After the 911 call and report from July 22nd, vigils were held across the state and country, with people donating money to help her.

Rogers said in the video she did not benefit from any of the money. She went onto say, "It's a shame that something so wonderful and well intended can be used against someone, who is a survivor of a terrible crime."

On Aug. 21st Lincoln Police issued a warrant for Rogers arrest. They said after an investigation they found no evidence of a struggle at her house, no blood on the bedspread where she said the men cut her and they believed she carved the anti-gay slurs into her body or gave permission to someone to do it.

Investigators also determined the Rogers bought the items used to "bound her" at an Ace Hardware in Lincoln.