Charter Expands Efforts to Recruit Military Veterans

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. In these tough economic times it can be hard to find a job, and sometimes even tougher for veterans.

A new program through one company is making it a little easier for those who have served our country to find a job.

Charter Communications is expanding its efforts to recruit military veterans.

"Veterans have great things to bring to the table, they have wonderful skills they come to us with dedication and loyalty and communication skills," said Kimberly Noetzel Senior Manager of Communications for Charter.

"What we do in the military and our training it fits in with the mission of what Charter does," said Veteran Jeff Rose.

For military veteran Jeff Rose, his supervisor position at Charter Communications fits him perfectly.

"The added bonus is their veterans program that they have," said Rose.

Charter has established a partnership with Recruit Military which gives them access to the firm's resume database search engine.
It essentially provides the link between military veterans and Charter.

It's that loyalty, that 22-year military veteran with the Army, Chuck Haase brings to the job as he manages facilities in two states.

"It's always nice when someone appreciates what you can bring to the table and my military training help me do my job here at Charter real well," said Haase.

Both veterans agree it's a relief to find a stable career after their service.

They say it's easy to get passed up.

"Especially when I was active in the guard because a lot of employers did not want to work with people who had to leave for two weeks or more every year and take their weekends off," said Rose.

Both veterans say that's not the case here.

"What I've been able to do with Charter is take that team work dedication and loyalty to them and help Charter facilitate everything we need to have happen here," said Haase.