Child Advocacy Center: Too Many Kids Not Being Helped

LINCOLN, Neb. The Child Advocacy Center in Lincoln sees more than a thousand kids a year on average.

These are kids who may have been abused, witnessed violence, live in drug infested homes, and need help escaping those terrible situations.

A forensic interviewer at the center says there is no doubt in her mind that there are even more children out there in southeast Nebraska who are not being helped.

"The statistic is that for every one child that has told, there's probably ten others who have not told yet," CAC Interviewer Maja Cartwright said.

Cartwright interviews 75 to 100 kids a month. Her job is to get timely and critical information from kids which is all part of the investigation to help prosecutors convict the abusers in court.

She sees the faces of worry, fear, anger, sadness, and the majority are girls.

"I think it's more acceptable for girls to come forward. It's still a very taboo subject for boys, especially in cases of sexual abuse and even in physical abuse," Cartwright said.