Child Advocacy Center Sees Increase in Child on Child Sexual Assaults

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LINCOLN, Neb. The Child Advocacy Center in Lincoln is seeing an increase in child on child sexual assaults.

The center has been open for 15 years and it's a disturbing trend they have seen over those years.

Children as young as 3-5 years old are reenacting or attempting to reenact sexual behaviors that are not normal.

Executive Director Lynn Ayers says the cases the CAC is seeing involve kids taking sexual acts to a level of concern and at times even imitating oral or anal intercourse.

Ayers adds that a lot of times they find the source of the acts are graphic pornography the child happened to see right in their own home.

"Often in many cases we find out there's pornography involved where there's just not that filter at home. Kids are being exposed to graphic pornography either via the television set or the internet," Ayers said.

So why would a parent or guardian even watch porn in front of their children? Psychologist Dr. Nicholas Giles says there can be many reasons.

"When we have a child who is sexually acting out and a parent is viewing pornography or has some promiscuous attitudes towards sex, then you're probably going to have a parent that's not teaching that child what is acceptable and not acceptable. You also have a parent who maybe has a skewed perspective as to what might be appropriate or normal sexual behavior and so you're not seeing the kind of supervision you might want to see," Giles said.

The adult's relationship with porn plays a role. The more they watch, the more likely there is to be a problem. However, the person doesn't have to be addicted.

Dr. Giles says any exposure a child may have can affect them, sometimes to the point of imitating the acts they see.

The imitating in turn results in an increasing number of child on child sexual assaults.

If you believe you know of a child that may be experiencing problems you can contact the Child Advocacy Center.