Child Custody Priority For Legislature And Judiciary

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The legislature has heard from the Attorney General and the Governor about their priorities for this legislative session.

Friday, they heard from the Judiciary Branch about what the Chief Justice hopes to see happen this year, and the success they had in the last one.

For the second year, child custody is a popular conversation in the legislature. And Friday, Chief Justice Mike Heavican confirmed that again it is a priority.

In 2013, The Parenting Act, last revised in 2007, was evaluated to make sure it serves children and families as intended. You can find the link to that study attached to this story.

Senator Brad Ashford, Chairperson of the Judiciary Committee said he does believe some changes to that act need to be made just to make sure the wording clearly indicates that the goal is for both parents to have as much involvement as possible in their kids' lives.

"I personally would love to see as much involvement by both parents of children as humanly possible. And i think every person in the body believes that. It's just more complicated than that," said Ashford.

Ashford does not think the bill Kids Have Rights Too is fighting for will be successful. He said child custody is difficult to legislate because of the emotions and family logistics involved.