Child Support Debated At The Capitol

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Thousands of Nebraskans pay child support every month, but many parents, and state legislators, believe the system isn't working. Today a commission on the issue, led by Senator Brad Ashford of Omaha held a hearing on the Capitol.

The commission includes a county attorney, a member of Kids Have Rights Too and economists, among others.

Ashford said it's clear the current system isn't doing what it should and parents testifying agree.

"If you go take what a social service worker makes and do the calculations on child support- even if you had a small car payment, you have to decide who you pay. Who do I not pay? Do I not pay my child support? Do I not pay for day car? To I not pay my car? Do I not pay my student loan?All these things have a negative effect," said Lance Balkus.

Ashford said Friday's hearing is a good step in the right direction for not only child support, but also future legislation on parenting time.

"Let's make sure the child support piece is right as well so when we think about equal parenting, the child support guidelines reflect the realities of daily life. This is an issue we think about a lot, the testimony's been very good. We just have to proceed from here," he said.

Ashford said this was the only hearing they'll be having. Now it's up to the committee to come up with their recommendations and suggested legislation.