The New Child Advocacy Center Opens In Lincoln

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Thanks to an assist from a big time celebrity, a new child advocacy center is opening in Lincoln.

Larry the Cable Guy donated a million dollar check to the center, which held a ribbon cutting ceremony Sunday.

The center will treat children who have been sexually or physically abused.

The city believes the center is an important tool to help fight for abused children, a tool that wasn't available not that long ago.

"It kinda redefined the way we dealt with kids in the criminal justice system and gave them their own place. Brought all the professionals like I said, under the same roof so that they could come together and then do the investigation under one location. Instead of making the child go a hundred different locations. It just really helps support the child victim throughout the entire process," says Lynn Ayers, the Executive Director at the Child Advocacy Center.

According to the center, the national estimates say that one out of every four girls and one out of six boys will be a victim of sexual abuse before the age of 18.