Children's Museum Opens News Exhibits

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Children have the opportunity to play make-believe in some of Lincoln's local businesses.

"This is our second time being here with the new things," said six-year-old Eva Bloom.

The Lincoln Children's Museum has added eight new exhibits to a place they call 'Tiny Town.'

"Learning occurs not just in school, but in places all over a community," said Rodger Breed, the Nebraska Commissioner of Education.

"When you're playing sometimes you don't realize you're learning," he said. "All the better."

The kids can work at a bank, ride on a firetruck, and even be on television.

"We want to really make it a community based thing for the kids," said Paul Durban, Executive Director of the Lincoln Children's Museum.

"The kids get a really good hands on, touchy-feely experience from the experience from the museum that you really can't get from other places," he said.

Representatives say the new exhibits are part of the biggest renovation in more than 10 years.