Children's Museum Sees 2.5 Millionth Guest

A day at the children's museum usually costs roughly thirty dollars for two kids and two adults.

When Jerry Barnett walked into the Lincoln’s Museum on Saturday that’s what he was expecting to pay. Instead, he got in for free.

“I stepped up in line to buy the tickets,” said Barnett, and they asked if they could talk to me for a minute. Then, the young lady wouldn't take my money.”

What Barnett did not know at the time is that employees at the Children’s Museum had been waiting for him all day.

When Jerry Barnett approached the counter, he didn’t realize, he was the 2.5 millionth guest to visit the Lincoln Children’s Museum.

“It was supposed to be a fun day out with the grandchildren. It’s no fun to stay cooped up inside the house all day, and it’s a little cold so we figured there’s no better place to go than the Children’s Museum.”

Barnett and family not only received free admission for the day, they also received a free five year family membership.

“This is awesome,” said Connie Barnett, his wife. “The kids are just the perfect age to visit the museum for five years.”

Paul Durban, Executive Director of the Museum, says they were prepared for the transaction.

“I can’t believe it,” said Durban. “I can’t believe that it’s actually been 23 years. Now we have had 2.5 million people. It’s an amazing accomplishment.”