City Crews Spread Sand to Help Slick Streets

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Drive through Lincoln and you will see a tale of two streets. The main roadways are looking pretty good, free of ice and snow, but move onto a side street and the ice starts to pile up.

It's slick, and in some places it's thick. Getting around some neighborhoods can be treacherous. Getting started is tough, stopping can be even harder.
City crews know what the conditions are like out there, they have their crews hitting residential streets with sand trying to provide some traction.

The biggest weapon against the ice right now can only be provided by Mother Nature. Warm temps that will melt the ice are the only thing that will get rid of it.

Salts not really an option because it wouldn't work in the cold temps.

City crews are asking for patience. They are doing what they can with their resources. They recommend taking your time, especially on hills. And if you do have a particularly bad street you can give them a call at their Snow Center: 402-441-7644.