Lincoln Organization Upgrading Peter Pan Park

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Living next to Peter Pan Park, Dustin Oltman and his family are excited about the changes that are taking place around his neighborhood, especially the new $4.5 Million Impact Center that's being built there.

"My reaction was it's going to be building more of a community and that's what is needed," said Lincoln Resident Dustin Oltman.

It's a center that the group City Impact is funding, in an effort to provide youth programs and a place for community gatherings.

For people who live near Peter Pan Park, something they feel will help build stronger families and better leaders.

"Discovering people's strengths and talents, we're targeting the heart of the city and developing the leaders and allowing them to flourish throughout the entire community," said City Impact President Brad Bryan.

"Going to be developing leaders within the community and I think that's important no matter where you're at," said Oltman.

This past winter a man was found murdered in the park, sparking concern from people living in the area and prompting a need for a proactive and positive change.

"Their has been challenges in the community, but I'm seeing the community rallying together, this new City Impact Center is going to be a place where people can come together, grow together and be leaders in the community," said Bryan.

With the City Impact Center still being constructed, it's already building hope.