City Officials: Don't Drive if You Don't Have to

Roads are still slick and Lincoln City officials say 'don't drive if you don't have to'. There is a thin layer of ice under all the snow and the slick spots are hard to see.

Even drivers taking it slow are having a hard time keeping their wheels straight.

We saw several drivers getting stuck on Vine street between 46th and 48th Streets. It's hard to stop after that hill and cars slid into the ditch.
Fortunately everyone we saw was able to push and dig their car out with the help of friends.

Lincoln police have responded to 10 accidents so far Thursday. On Wednesday, officers took reports on 31 accidents.

Lancaster County Sheriff's deputies have had their share of work since the storm started. City plows will be hitting the snow removal districts Thursday night. That means a complete parking ban in downtown, Havelock and the other districts will be in effect overnight.

Lincoln Public works said they have 100 pieces of equipment on the roads Thursday and they have cleared the snow routes and main arterials and are working on residential streets.