City Property for Sale Listed on City Website

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In an effort to make it easier for citizens to locate surplus City land available for sale, Mayor Chris Beutler announced Thursday that a complete listing is available on the City website.
The site includes a searchable database with aerial photos, addresses, parcel sizes and zoning.

“My administration has had a goal of making it easier for individuals to locate surplus City land and to facilitate the process of its purchase,” said Mayor Beutler. “We want this land in private hands for two reasons – to improve the chance the land will be brought to its highest and best use, and to ensure the land will be on the tax rolls, contributing to the revenues of the City, County, public schools and others.”

A city owns property from a variety of ways including purchase, by trade or gift and by tax sales. Not all land owned by the City has a current or projected civic purpose. Surplus property is available for purchase, trade, or lease; depending on the circumstance.

Inquiring individuals should find the process easier and more efficient with the help of the website listing. In the past, property records had to be searched and, when found, it was not clear how to start the potential purchase process. In addition, the surplus property process is being redrafted to ensure that the public has fair notice of the surplus status of property before the City agrees to its sale.

The City has identified 55 parcels ranging in size from one-tenth of an acre to about five acres thus far. There are common rectangular, “buildable” lots as well as irregularly-shaped polygons.

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