City Pushes To Sell Surplus Lots

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People who live near Olympic Heights Park say they found out by chance that nearby land could soon turn into houses.

What they didn't know is that the land has actually been for sale since 1999.

Jana Amberg's raised her daughters right next to Olympic Heights Park.

"We have young girls and they've played there since they were little and now they are getting older and they like to run around and play," she said.

When 10/11 News told her that the vacant lot next to the park was up for sale, she told us she really had no idea. And many of the other neighbors 10/11 News talked to were unaware this lot was owned by the city - until now.

The City Development Department says they put signs up in the area to let neighbors know what they're planning - to sell the vacant lots to get taxpayer dollars back.

The Director Of Urban Planning, David Landis said,"We said well, in this case, this is the land that should be in the public sector paying taxes if at all possible let's let people know."

Money from the sales of these lots goes directly into a fund that pays for property that the city needs, like a new police station.

Landis says that these vacant lots all around the city are either abandoned or given to the city through tax foreclosures.

But recently there's been a push to get rid of these empty properties. Now, they are actively making sure they update their website, network with realtors and let people know through signage or word of mouth.

As for those who live near Olympic heights, many of the residents just want to know what's going on with the area. Jana Amberg said, "The sidewalk would get taken out too I'm assuming - and that's a good walking route that I see people use all the time."

To look at the other vacant lots for sale, you can go to to find the listings.