City of Lincoln Prepares for Snow

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City of Lincoln Public Works is preparing for Tuesday's snow storm, which could be the biggest Lincoln has seen this winter season.

City crews say they're preparing for the worst. There's no snow on the ground as of Monday evening, but Public Works isn't taking this blast of winter weather lightly.

"We're basing our plan based on what we think might be the worse case scenario," said City of Lincoln's Public Works and Utilities Manager, Scott Opfer. "We're gearing up to get ready to plow residential areas if we have to."

With the possibility of 4 to 7 inches expected in Lincoln by early Wednesday, preparations have been in the works for some time.

"We've been geared up for several months, and have dealt with a lot of smaller storms so far this year, so it's a matter of getting crews lined up," said Opfer.

And the crews aren't small. At least 150 people and pieces of equipment are expected to standby in case of a snow emergency.

"There's no parking allowed on our arterial streets, emergency snow routes, as well as bus routes and school routes," said Opfer.

As crews get ready for the snow, they say residents can, too.

"People need to slow down, give themselves plenty of room, and if they come across our equipment, give us room to work," Opfer said.

As of Tuesday evening, Lincoln is under a snow emergency beginning at 8 a.m. Wednesday. Parking is banned on emergency snow routes, bus routes and other major arterial streets.