City of Norfolk Reminds Citizens About Siren Policy

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NORFOLK, Neb. - With the prediction for severe weather on Tuesday, Norfolk citizens are asked to be on the alert and make plans now for what to do in a storm warning.

"People need to decide right now what they'll do if the tornado sirens go off. Families need to have a plan for what their kids should do if they're at a friend's house or of they 're in a park or on the street on their bike. Talk
about it now before the sirens go off," said Faythe Petersen, Region 11 Emergency Manager.

She suggests that a family agree on a meeting place and/or a person that they will all contact if for some reason they are unable to contact each other. If a basement isn't readily available then a plan should be discussed as to what would be the next safest place to go.

Petersen reminds Norfolk residents that if the city is in a tornado warning, a siren consisting of a long whistle blow will go off.

There is no all clear signal.

"The old policy was to sound an all clear siren. However, during a storm many years ago another siren was sited, the sirens were blown and citizens misinterpreted that as the all clear. Stay in your basements and listen to a portable radio or weather radio until you're informed that the danger is past ," Petersen said.

"People need to remember that most residents in Wayne couldn't see the tornado. It's a good idea to be aware that a severe thunderstorm can bring dangerous lightning and driving winds and rain that might mask a tornado," Pete rsen said.

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