Cleanup Underway of Downtown Grand Island Fire

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- It's been a little more than a month since the downtown Grand Island fire that destroyed 3 businesses and the area is one step closer to rebuilding.

Grand Island company Dobesh Land Leveling won the bid from 5 other companies to clear the land along 3rd St.

They began work this week and owner Gregory E. Dobesh said this is an average size job, they've had bigger but also smaller.

The 1st step in the clean up is figuring out where all the debris will go.

Dobesh said, "Right now we're separating the wood and the steel from the concrete and the bricks and stuff so we can take the steel to Alder's and the concrete and the bricks will go to my place where I'll eventually crush it and then the debris, the burnt, the ashes the wood and everything, that's going to the Elba Landfill."

The biggest issues the company faces are the steel beams and the wall that is shared with Edward's audio.

Dobesh said he hoped the land will be cleared in 2 weeks.