Climate Change Bill Introduced In Agriculture Committee

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- The snowy conditions didn't keep lawmakers from hearing a heated topic nationally, climate change.

LB 882 would study the human impact on climate change. This all comes from a bill that was approved last year, LB 583 which required the climate assessment and response committee to study the projected impacts of climate change. However, the bill left out studying the human impact on purpose, now Sen. Ken Haar wants to put that element in the bill because he says many people now think that the climate on average is warming and scientists should do their job and study all aspects of climate change in the state.

"Scientists say you can't explain the change in climate without including humans," said Haar.

This bill would also study the impacts of other elements like volcanoes and sun cycles and it would solely be the University of Nebraska that would do this research.

Sen. Haar says if the bill is approved he hopes to have a final analysis of the human impact on climate change by the end of this year.

He also points out Nebraska has many climatologists and the National Drought Mitigation Center is located at UNL which is why he thinks UNL needs to take the imitative on this issue.